Today we went rock climbing.

One of the things I got kell for his birthday. It’s his new hobby and going indoors meant me and Finley could go to. Plus, I got a pretty sweet deal on groupon.

Enjoying our vacation already so very much. We both needed one very badly. Tomorrow we head I Georgia!! I could not be more excited.

Y’all!! I am back to my pre babe weight. Feeling so skinny and loving it.

I plan to grow my consistency and discipline after vacation. Just really happy with the progress I have made so far. Can’t imagine how fabulous I am going to feel when I get serious.

My husband cannot stop telling me how skinny I am and I love it. Complete strangers tell me I look great. I ain’t mad.

Happy little mom over here. And Georgia football starts tomorrow!


Am I doing this right?

All the cool kids are doing it.

The Beyoncé is the new black.

Let me be honest. These past few days have not been my favorite.

Sometimes life sucks, people hurt your feelings and you just want to punch them on the face. But we all know that doesn’t do any good. Without really going into detail, cause I don’t want to be unprofessional, work is frustrating.

Things can’t be perfect all the time. That would be too easy. And I like a challenge but I don’t like it to consume me and make me feel stressed/discouraged all the time.

So this cardio was much needed.

And I did my best Lizzie McGuire on my #partyparty app.

20 jump squats
30 squats
200 crunches

I’m just ready for vacation. To see my sisters, my grandparents and my best friends. I need this time at the beach to sit and not think about things, an love on my baby and my husband.

And have an island date.

Yup. Happy Sunday People.