Am I doing this right?

All the cool kids are doing it.

The Beyoncé is the new black.

Let me be honest. These past few days have not been my favorite.

Sometimes life sucks, people hurt your feelings and you just want to punch them on the face. But we all know that doesn’t do any good. Without really going into detail, cause I don’t want to be unprofessional, work is frustrating.

Things can’t be perfect all the time. That would be too easy. And I like a challenge but I don’t like it to consume me and make me feel stressed/discouraged all the time.

So this cardio was much needed.

And I did my best Lizzie McGuire on my #partyparty app.

20 jump squats
30 squats
200 crunches

I’m just ready for vacation. To see my sisters, my grandparents and my best friends. I need this time at the beach to sit and not think about things, an love on my baby and my husband.

And have an island date.

Yup. Happy Sunday People.

Anybody want a grumpy baby??

Just kidding. I could never give him away. But dang he was so needy and grumpy today.

So I finally decided to take him on a walk. We walked/jogged 2 miles. He pooped out before we were finished. Little did he know that was the plan all along!! Muahaha

Poor guy was so grumpy he was even pouting on his sleep! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?? I guess he is just real upset about losing his hair. Or probably more realistically upset about his sore gums. His teeth keep teasing him.

Today me and Fin wrote a song called, “sometimes when you’re a baby you poop on yourself…and your mom.” That’s as far as we got. Then I wrote a song called, “why won’t this baby stop crying?” Soon to be a radio hit. Seriously though, I sing everything. Specially when I am talking to Finley.

55 sit ups
60 scissor abs
50 second plank

60 second plank x3
200 jumping jacks

50 donkey kicks
100 bicycle crunches

25 squats
100 skater slides

I don’t do all of this in one sitting. I spread it out during Finley’s cat naps.

Tomorrow will be a light day. I am feeling good y’all. Working out and not eating every meal in the dining hall does wonders!

I’m really not fond of running.

I just don’t like it.

Due to achy joints and a blister forming on my foot, I opted to elpiticise. But, after mile one I got bored and finished my run outside. Spotted some lookers on my run.

Aren’t they the cutest? Finley loves golf cart rides and he got real upset after I left to run, so kell took him on a ride. They passed by me a few times.

Confession: I found a 30 day challenge that I liked and added it to my workouts. It’s the beach body challenge, and since I am going to the beach at the end of the month…why not? Doing 10 days a week to finish by the end of the month…if that makes sense.

25 bicycle crunches
40 Russian twists
50 v-ups

200 crunches
100 skater slides

100 high knees
75 Russian twists

50 supermans
50 squats

2.5 mile run


Got to work on some crafty/art projects today. It was fun.

I have a hard time deciding what I should do when Fin doesn’t require my undivided attention.

Nap? Clean? Craft? Hobby? Eat? Workout?

Really. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. So much I want to do. So much I need to do. How do I decide?

Ain’t no shame in my selfie game.

It’s pretty near impossible for me to be embarrassed by a picture. And these pictures accurately depict my feelings towards completing a 2 mile run just under 22 minutes and burpees.

I almost threw up during my workout tonight.

Lesson learned. 4 tacos is too many tacos.

45 sit ups
50 scissor crunche
60 second plank

100 bicycle crunches
2X 30 second plank

50 burpees
50 kickdown crunches

Took a break with 30 burpees left to help kell get Fin ready for a bath to try and calm him down. The short walk from his room to the bath with naked baby got me all peed on. I didn’t let that kill my vibe. Finished the workout pee pants and all.

I will be honest, the only thing that got me through that workout was the tall glass of chocolate almond milk waiting on the other side.

Camp is so quiet.
Summer staff has gone back to school.
Lodging has been reset for retreat season.
And I have gone back to my regular work schedule. (3 full days a week instead of 6 half days)

It’s peaceful.
I am less stressed.
I get to see my husband more.
And I get more work done on the office.

But dang I miss our summer missionaries already. I kind of have a dream job. It’s not easy by any means but it is so rewarding and fun.

Being a grown up ain’t so bad all the time.