I still love watermelon.

I have consumed 3 of them in the past month. All by myself.

Today’s workout included my ab&squat challenge and an at home crossfit circuit.

Before it was all said and done I did 145 squats, 50 push ups and Lord knows how many crunches.

I could do squats and abs all day. They are my favorite. Trying to build a love for push ups and planks.

My husband won’t stop telling me how skinny I am, but I ain’t mad.

He also loves it when I wear my glasses, so that selfie is for him. I tried to pick a filter that hid the tired under my eyes, but it’s impossible.

Fighting extreme tiredness and a bit of laziness to get my workouts in. Being a mom is hard work, but I love it.

Random ending note: I just looked at my picture before posting and thought, “I don’t look like a mom.” I’m not sure what a mom is supposed to look like..maybe it’s because I look so young. All my students think I look 18..and they think Kell looks 30 (it’s the beard). Blows their little high school mind when they find out we are both 25. Haha. It blows my mind sometimes too.

SANTA!! I know him!

Y’all. Today Fin was napping and then I saw Santa and got real excited and woke him up. Oops! But Santa is at camp!

I have been taking it easy this week. Light workouts and hanging out with this handsome little dude. Can’t get enough of him.

I did 95 squats today. Only 3 days left of my squat challenge. I may do it again cause I love squats so much!!!

Me and Toby are in our comfy clothes watching a movie with dad and Finley.

May do some baking later and watermelon eating. OH YEAH!

I’m obsessed with editing my photos right now.

I ran 2 miles tonight. Felt like I was taking Finley (aka baby) steps the whole time but I did it.

That hill tho.

If you have a Marshall’s you need to go right now. The one near me was having the most amazing sale on athletic wear. Scored these most perfect compression pants and tank for $10 each.

I feel so happy and skinny. It’s amazing what a new outfit can do. I don’t know about y’all but feeling cute while I workout motivates me.

Felt good to get my run in but not feeling so great after. Not going to finish my an workout because it’s my tummy that hurts. But I did get some squats, lunges, crunches and planks in before the run.

Finley turned 4 months old yesterday. We had a doctors appointment, and kell had to work so I was at it alone again (one of the downsides of working at a summer camp). Finley took it like a champ. I hate to see him cry when I know it’s a pain cry…he got shots. Oh it was so sad, but he survived and was smiling 15 minutes later. Speaking of 15…homeboy rather homebaby is a big ole 15 pounder and 26 inches long. In the 86 percentile for height. He’s going to be a big boy.

I love that baby so much. I could talk about him all day.

Counting down the days til I am on Georgia!!