Post baby body blues.

I know it will take time to get back to my pre-Fin size.

But dang it I am really impatient with it.

I made the mistake of trying on my regular clothes. I am just tired of wearing my big tees and nike shorts. I mean normally I would not complain about wearing that, but the fact that it’s the only thing I don’t still feel preggo in is a little annoying.

I’m ready to start working out, but I don’t want to start too soon and run the risk of injury.

I’m ready to wear my skinny girl clothes and shop some new ones.

And I really just don’t understand how pants that fit me when I was pregnant don’t fit now…I was much bigger then.

On the plus sued, I got my wedding band on today. Small victory.

P.S. I am still obsessed with my child, just not my gut. And I appreciate everyone who compliments the way I look and how cute my baby is. It’s really encouraging. Seriously though, if I had a dollar every time someone said “look at that hair” I would have Fin’s college paid for.

I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK! aka I hope to be back to normal by my birthday.